The Ant And The Lizard

Tireless as they always were the ants went on collecting food as usual as any other day. The ant in this story is no different and he goes on following as all his fellow ants do. One day as he went scouting for new sources of food he saw a grasshopper which was injured and could hardly move. The ant went near the grasshopper's leg to take a bite, when the grasshopper which was in deep pain asked the ant to leave it alone. The grasshopper said it was very badly injured and could harly move and would die shortly, all it requested was to be left alone instead of being torn to pieces by the ant. The ant pondered on the grasshopper's meek request and said it was leaving the grasshopper alone for now, however will be back in a few hours. The grasshopper thanked the ant, and the ant left the place to look for food elsewhere.

As the ant wandered around looking for food it was encountered by a lizard. The lizard looked really hungry and as it was about to put its tongue out to eat the ant. The ant said ' I am a small ant and what hunger of your's will I satisfy'. The ant told the lizard about the dying grasshopper and said the grasshopper being many times bigger than the ant will be able to satisfy its hunger. The lizard aggred and asked the ant to take it to the grasshopper - which had died by the time they reached it. The greedy lizard instead of eating the grasshopper turned to relish the ant first. The ant pleaded for mercy on the grounds that it took the lizard to the grasshopper, however the lizard denied it mercy. The lizard said it was so hungry that the grasshopper and the ant put together wouldn't satisfy its hunger and wanted to eat the ant first lest it runs away while its eating the grasshopper. Once again the lizard was about to put its tounge out to eat the ant when it heard sounds of grasshopper being dragged away. Turning back the lizard saw another lizard trying to run away with the grasshopper in its mouth. Angry at its food being stolen the lizard began to chase other lizard. While it successed in chasing the other lizard, it failed in retriving the grasshopper which was swallowed by the other lizard. Disappointed the lizard returned to the eat the ant, only to find it had escaped.


ilango said…
Greed brings loss and bad relationship, the trust levels in the surroundings dips down

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