The Proud Ant

Just that the ants dont get tired and has the reputataion for being the most hardworking amoungst all animals. Even the big animals like lion and bear appreciated them. They rest at nothing and are always seen at work. While some appreciated them, other animals were puzzled.

One member in the big colony of ants was curious what other animals in the forest thought about them. Hence it set out to find what the other animals knew about the ants.

The ant first came across the bear. The bear said it thought highly about the ants and wished it could be as hardworking as the ants.

The ant then came across a cockroach. The cockroach said it could never be like the ants, as it thought the ants never sleep.

As it went further it met a crow and asked what it thought about ants. The crow said that the ants was always busy and didn't understand the need to be busy and working all the time. It said that life should be enjoyed and not spend working all the time. The ant said that the crow didn't understand the ants that well, and that the ants enjoyed working and work was a way to enjoy the life. The crow said that it greatly appreciated the ant's thought and it flew away.

The ant then came across a group of crane. The cranes said it just didn't understand why the ants keep collecting and storing food as they don't store food. The ant explained that this helps, when it rains and when it becomes impossible to go out they depend on the food they had collected. The crane said that it only regarded the ants as hard-working animals, and that from now on it considered them to be wise too.

The ant came across other animals and almost all of them considered ants as dedicated and hard-working. It couldn't come across any animal that thought low about the ants.

As the ant was returning to its colony, it remembered what other animals thought about them and felt very proud and wondered if there were any animals which had a reputation as good as the ants.

As it went, it came across a snail. The ant put the question it asked other animals to the snail. The snail didn't reply, however the ant was firm on an answer from the snail. Finally the snail said "you see the tree behind me, i am walking from there since morning. Now here is my answer 'I do as much work as you ants do, just that nobody notices it' "

The ant was finally humbled by the snail.


j k said…
thought provoking! application is the questionable factor.
ilango said…
people feel more movement means the person is very busy and productive, tat might not b true always, this is a good story to prove it, ants work hard, its time v think abt smart work, work for how much u need and njoy with your loved ones and with the surroundings arround u. Work is important but is not everything. Strike a balance
Vaibhav Dugar said…
hey, where do u get these stories from? they are really nice,... an amazing read...
would like to call it the modern day Aesop's Fables !

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