The Young But Foolish Cranes.

The young cranes as a group wanted to be different from their elders in their community. They thought they were clever and smart than the aged cranes. When it was time for their migration, the young cranes questioned the rational behind migration when there was sufficient fish available in the river. The young cranes wonderd why they should strain and tire themselves and fly to a far off land when sufficient fish was available nearby. The elder cranes persisted it was in their intrest to leave the place when there was sufficient fish available in the river. When time came, the community of cranes left the forest leaving behind the young ones.

The young cranes enjoyed their time alone, with pleanty of food around they mocked at the stupidity of the other cranes in moving out of the forest. However, as time passed and summer approached the quantity of fish in the river decreased. The most clever crane amoung them, instead of taking this as a sign to fly away, suggested they should take lead from the ants and begin to collect and store fish when it was still available and rely on the stored fish when there wasn't any. Hence the cranes caught as much fish was available in the river and put them up in nests abandoned by crows and eagle, and to protect it from other animals covered them with dry grass. When summer peaked and there was hardly any fish left in the river, the cranes went back to check on the stored fish, which to their disappointment had decayed and was hardly edible. The clever crane in the group, again thought cleverly. It said instead of storing fish they should have stored water and put the fish in them. The other members of the group who were hungry and not finding much to eat, found the suggestion plainly stupid. They cursed the crane and wondered how they could be so naive to follow the foolish advises of the crane.

Desperate, the cranes flew out of the forest hoping to catch up with their wise elders.


ilango said…
The young cranes had a rational attitude, to know the reason behind the actions than following blindly what the elder cranes do without reason, the young cranes had the Entrepreneur attitude, they should b humble did more of groundwork bfore goin for this risk, we got to have this attitude to find reason y some things r done tat way, and got to find better ways to find the answer.

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