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The Peacock And The Deers.

The peacock was resting on a tree branch when it heard a big roar by the Lion. It looked around but didn't find anyone nearby. However a little later it found a small group of deers walking upto the tree. The deers all looked tired and one deer told the peacock that they had been chased by the Lion, leopard and crocodile throughout the day and they hadn't rested for a long time and requested if the peacock could keep watch for predators while they slept under the tree. The peacock aggred to keep watch for them and should it find any sign of predator nearby, would alert the group of deers.

The deers rested after being assured by the peacock. Time passed and the peacock found a snake coming in the direction of the sleeping deers. The peacock however didn't alert the deers, for it didn't wish to disturb their sleep and instead went to counter the snake all by itself. Taking on a snake was no mean task, everytime the peacock attacked, the snake retaliated. As the attack …

Two Squirrels

Two young squirrels which went searching for food found a rather large mango, which was more than big enough for both of them to eat for the day. Since they couldn't move it to their place because of the sheer size, the two squirrels decided to eat as much of the mango and decided to hide the rest of the mango and hence dug a pit to hide the remaining mango, which they planned to eat the next day.

On returning the next day they found the mango missing from the place where they had hidden it. The first squirrel thought the mango had been eaten by some other animal in the forest, while the secound suspected the other squirrel of having eaten it without its knowledge, and thought the first squrrel was acting innocent.

The two squirrel then went searching for food when the secound squirrel suggested they split up and search for food as they would have much better chance of finding food. It also suggested that the one who finds food first should call out loud to the other, and both sh…