The Peacock And The Deers.

The peacock was resting on a tree branch when it heard a big roar by the Lion. It looked around but didn't find anyone nearby. However a little later it found a small group of deers walking upto the tree. The deers all looked tired and one deer told the peacock that they had been chased by the Lion, leopard and crocodile throughout the day and they hadn't rested for a long time and requested if the peacock could keep watch for predators while they slept under the tree. The peacock aggred to keep watch for them and should it find any sign of predator nearby, would alert the group of deers.

The deers rested after being assured by the peacock. Time passed and the peacock found a snake coming in the direction of the sleeping deers. The peacock however didn't alert the deers, for it didn't wish to disturb their sleep and instead went to counter the snake all by itself. Taking on a snake was no mean task, everytime the peacock attacked, the snake retaliated. As the attack and counter-attack continued, the scene of the fight moved away from the sleeping deers to a place far away from them, and it took a long time for the peacock to over come the snake.

In the meanwhile the deers woke-up and found the peacock missing from the tree. On not finding the peacock anywhere nearby the deers assumed the peacock had abandoned its vigil and were bitter at the peacock for not living up to its word.

A few days later as the group of deers were grazing they found a peacock sitting on a tree calling out to them. The bitter deers were in no mood to speak with any of the peacocks. The peacock on not getting a response from the deers, flew down near them and asked if they were the same group of deers who a few days back had asked for a peacock to stand vigil for them while they slept. The deers affirmed they were the same group of deers, however weren't intrested in speaking to any peacock as one of its members had not lived up to their word. The peacock was aghast and cried on hearing the deers speak so bitterly about the peacock.

The peacock said the deers were oblivious of the truth. It then narrated how the peacock had protected them from a snake by taking it single handedly and over-coming it, however the peacock died the next day because of injuries it suffered while fighting the snake.


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