Mangoes And Monkeys

The depressed deer looked at the mangoes hanging high up from the tree and wished it could taste the mangoes before it falls to the ground and loses half its taste. It was more than three days, since the squirrel made fun of the deer who had never eaten a mango while it was hanging from the tree and said that the mangoes lose half their taste when they fall on the ground. The deer had no way of tasting the unreachable mangoes for neither was it tall nor had a long neck as the giraffe. All that it could do was dream about eating those mangoes.

As it was staring up the mango tree his friend came rushing, was gasping for breath and asked it to follow him. The deer followed his friend who was running at a very fast pace.
"What happened ?" the deer asked his friend. His friend replied that he had seen something very rare, which they had never seen before. "Its a white monkey" said his friend. The deer followed his friend eagerly to get a glimpse of this rare animal. His friend after running for a long time finally came to rest. "Maybe we missed him" said his friend. The two decided to turn back and on the way his friend was describing what he saw in great detail, when they came across a group of monkeys playing on a tree. The deer asked them about the rare white monkey which his friend was describing to him. The monkeys laughed and said there wasn't anything like a white monkey.

The deer got angry and looked at his friend whom it believed entirely. His friend however didn't answer the deer and instead asked the monkeys "Is it also true that the mangoes that hang from the tree lose half their taste when they fall on the ground?". Again the monkeys laughed and said it wasn't true.

The deer's friend said it apologised for making up the story, however it thought it was the only way it could make it understand that the mangoes losing their taste was as non-existent as the 'white monkey' .

The two deers laughed and returned back to their herd.


jk said…
"white monkeys" reminds me of something white which is non existent. If you know let me know. The narration is impeccable, but i felt the start could have been little more proper.

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