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In Search Of The River

Not knowing where it was the tortoise went randomly looking around the forest. All that the tortoise knew since its birth was the river and its surroundings from where it was fished out by villagers and happend to fall out mid-way from the bag in which it was being carried.

As it wandered, it came across a butterfly sitting on a bush and asked the butterfly if it knew the way to the river. The butterfly said it had no idea where it was before flying away.

Still wandering, it came across an almost sleepy fox. The tortoise asked the fox for the direction to the river. The fox which had returned to its place after a heavy meal was irritated for being woken up from sleep. The fox replied "Listen, my stomach is full and I want a good sleep, don't disturb me. Two, this is my territory and I don't like animals like you intruding into my space. Go away before I get hungry else, you won't be alive to ask questions". The tortoise began to leave, before the fox could get…