The Fox Of Foxes

The fox was hunting for rabbits in that part of the forest where bushes were abundant and trees scarce , its hunt which started in the morning ended mid day with a large full grown rabbit . It then put the rabbit on a rock and began to prepare the rabbit by tearing away the skin from flesh . When it finally began to eat. A much larger fox darted at the fox and tried to grab the meat. The two foxes fought for a long time, however no one emerged victorious and claimed the meat for them selves. The first fox them proposed a contest. It pointed towards a tree at the far end and said that the two foxes run simultaneously to the tree and the one who makes it back first would get the rabbits meat. The second fox which was larger than the other thought it could easily win the race and agreed to the challenge. As the race began, the second fox was way ahead of the first one.
Midway, suddenly, the trailing fox stopped and ran in the opposite direction towards the rabbit meat, while the other fox was still running towards the tree on the horizon.


Anonymous said…
I liked this one. I bet that other fox felt as dumb as that Hare in the Tortoise and the Hare story.


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