On Which Side Is The Grass Greener ?

A deer lost its way and happened to stray into a village. As it wandered around looking for a way back into the forest it saw some pumpkins in a farm. The deer had never seen a pumpkin before in the forest and was curious to know what it was. It hesitatingly tasted a pumpkin and found it to be very tasty. It roamed around further and entered a banana farm. The deer had never seen a banana before, and as it ate one, it liked its sweet taste. It roamed around further and saw a domesticated cow eating a banana under a tree. The deer thought the cow was very lucky, that it gets to eat such tasty food regularly.
The cow which saw the deer roaming around the farm thought the deer must be very lucky to able to move around freely at will rather than being tied to a pole.


j k said…
As always short and to the point.

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