The Little Bravado

A little elephant part of a large herd of elephants was in the habit of frightening and chasing other animals for fun. The little elephant would run and scare away the monkeys, deers and other animals that it came across and felt very proud exercising its bravado, and when they ran scared, its pleasure was unbound.

Once the little elephant happened to stray from its herd and was roaming the forest looking for its herd when it saw a group of deer resting under a tree and tried to frighten the deers by running through them. However the deers hardly paid any attention to the little elephant and ignored it. The little elephant was surprised and disappointed by the deers reaction and went away looking for its herd. It then came across a group of monkeys on a tree and again it tried its best to frighten them, however the monkeys in return frightened the little elephant with their antics, that it was the little elephant which ran away scared. Later the little elephant came across a group of fox and again tried to run through them, this time all the foxes surrounded the little elephant and prepared for an attack. The little elephant was puzzled that instead of running away scared the foxes were preparing to attack it. In desperation the little elephant gave out a loud cry for help and hoped it would be heard by its heard.

The little elephant's cry was answered in no time as it heard a loud cry back from its herd. Inspired by the presence of its herd nearby the little elephant again tried to scare away the foxes and this time the foxes left the place fearing the elephant herd nearby. On seeing the foxes run, the little elephant felt humbled when it realised that its bravado works only when it was part of its herd - when it least needed it and not when it was alone.


Anonymous said…
Maybe you can give names to the character...

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