First, Know Yourself

An old green grasshopper was resting on some grass on the ground, when a young grasshopper came flying and settled nearby. The young grasshopper was panting, frightened and paranoid. It was constantly being chased by one predator or another, however was lucky to escape every time. On seeing the other grasshopper sitting quietly without a worry in the world, the young grasshopper wondered how it was so calm and asked the old grasshopper if it was not afraid of becoming a prey for some frog or lizard, if not how it avoided being chased by predators. 

The old grasshopper woke up from its slumber, looked at the young grasshopper and said,” You need to learn a lot of things to avoid being seen, first know that you are a brown grasshopper and you should never sit on anything coloured ... ”.

Even before the grasshopper can finish its reply a frog sprang and carried away the young brown grasshopper which was sitting on green grass.


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